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Remote IT Support

In Bedfordshire, London and the home counties

What is remote IT support?

Remote IT Support is a scalable tool that provides you with timely remote access to a fully-qualified and experienced IT engineer, bringing your Bedfordshire or London based business or organisation a whole range powerful benefits, including reduced downtime, increased productivity and improved staff morale, whilst also giving you and your team more confidence in your IT network.

How simple is it to setup?

To get you started with Remote IT Support, we'll simply ask you to download some widely used remote access software. Once downloaded, this software will create a secure connection to one or multiple devices across your IT network, allowing us to find a resolution for most types of IT issues.

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Issues resolved with Remote IT Support

Updating security patches

Security patches regularly issued by software companies are vital to ensure your network is protected from the newest cyberthreats, and that your business based in Bedfordshire or further afield remains compliant. By having a proactive Remote IT Support Partner, the latest security patches will be automatically implemented and updated across all your systems and software, allowing you and your teams to work on other aspects of your business.

Solving collaboration issues

All modern businesses in Leighton Buzzard, London and beyond, rely on collaboration tools at some point, but as anyone who's used these tools will know, from time to time, issues arise. With a competent Remote IT Support Partner however, most collaboration issues are quickly resolved, helping to reduce damaging downtime, get your meeting back on track, and put measures in place to help prevent the issue happening again.

Setting up and deploying vital software

Setting up software is never straightforward, especially if you're working alone from home, or on the road, and don't have access to help from your IT department. With a Remote IT Support Partner, should you need help or guidance deploying your software, a skilled IT engineer is able to create a secure connection to your device within minutes (depending on your service level) to help ensure your software is deployed and functioning correctly.

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And you’re in control

When using Bedfordshire based IT firm, JamCrackers as your Remote IT Support Partner, you’ll retain full control over access to your devices. This means we’ll only ever have access to your network once we have authorisation by you or a nominated administrator.

Remote IT Support

Benefits for the modern world

Helps your business survive a pandemic

With JamCrackers as your Remote IT Support Partner, you'll have confidence that even in the event of a global pandemic, your homeworkers can carry on as normal, knowing that should things go wrong, they always have remote access to an experienced IT engineer ready to take over, and find a resolution.

Removes the need for costly inhouse IT support

Inhouse IT support can weigh heavily on finances. We're talking the HR expense, office space, and the salaries. But, with most IT issues now able to be resolved remotely, the majority of business owners in Central Beds and beyond, are now opting for the scalable, and less expensive option of Remote IT Support

Improves cyber security across your organisation

With a Remote IT Support plan in place your IT network security can be constantly monitored. This means that security breaches are discovered and intercepted by your remote support setup, in real time, taking away the need for expensive and interruptive mitigation after the attack has taken place.

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Like to find out more?

To find out more about the benefits of using JamCrackers as your Remote IT Support Partner, get in touch to speak directly to one of our knowledgeable IT engineers, who'll be happy to go through your options.

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I cannot recommend these guys enough. We had Richard and his crew in to install a new server and PC's etc. for our company. The service was second to none. Richard liaised with my IT manager and worked out a plan so the preparation was done in advance meaning they came in and did the final installation and "switchover" at the weekend. The result...my crew went home as normal on Friday and returned on Monday with new computers and a new server. Fantastic. If you need expert IT services use this company.
White Dalton Solicitors
We have used JamCrackers as our IT support for the last two years and they have been amazing! I guess the sign of a great IT company is never having to call them as the systems are all working and updated as required! it’s great as a business owner knowing our IT is in great hands! Katey Horne
Your Marketing Needs
Whenever there is an issue, which is rarely, they sort it out straight away. I can’t praise the entire team enough. We have been with them for 6 years now and I would definitely recommend them. Sean Taylor
RST Engineering
Really fantastic service! Our company had been muddling along with an outdated phyisical hardrive backup system which when we actually needed it, turned out it hadnt been saving date properly for over a year. We turned to Jam Crackers to provide us with a simple, safe, ISO compliant & future-proof solution which they did very quickly and efficiently and their after-support has been invaluable and so quick. Cannot fault them.
Bray plastics
Jamcrackers team are a breath of fresh air for us and, the support you have provided to us is far superior to the service we have received in the past from several providers we have used. You have always achieved what we have asked even when we challenge you with tight timescales.
Quest Joinery


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