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Your Questions Answered

What is the cloud?

The Cloud is simply a better way to use the internet. But, instead of relying on a physical server in your office, or in a nearby location, you're connected to and have unlimited access to (depending on your subscription), a global network of powerful external servers.

Does being in the Cloud mean I don't need hardware?

Depending on your subscription level, once you're in the Cloud, you no longer require physical servers and systems, using up energy and taking up valuable office space - you simply connect to the Cloud, and everything you need and use, from data to documents, diaries and email, is accessible in a couple of clicks, from anywhere.

Does the Cloud make my end device unimportant?

Not quite... You'll need a device of some sort to access the Cloud, but there'll be nothing of importance stored on that device. So, if you were to lose it, or it got stolen, or even crushed by a steam roller, it wouldn't matter. You'd simply get hold of another device, log back into the Cloud, and everything will be as it was.

What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT Support is the cost-effective, modern way of taking control of your IT infrastructure. It’s a way to have all the benefits of the front end of technology, whilst a dedicated team of professional IT engineers keep things running seamlessly in the background.