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Your Questions Answered

What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT Support is the cost-effective, modern way of taking control of your IT infrastructure. It’s a way to have all the benefits of the front end of technology, whilst a dedicated team of professional IT engineers keep things running seamlessly in the background.

How Much does Managed IT Support cost?

We often get asked how much Managed IT support costs. In this short video I will explain how you can find out.

What makes JamCrackers stand out from our competitors?

In this video we explain what makes us stand out from our competitors. We know how important customer service is to our clients and we know that sometimes you just need to speak to a human.

What is our onboarding process?

In this short video we explain what happens when we onboard you as new client and what the process is to make the process smooth with as little disruption to your business as possible.

What about Disaster Recovery?

What about disaster recovery? This is a question we often get asked when onboarding new clients and in this video we explain how we work with you to create a plan.

Can we customise our services to fit your business needs?

Yes we can customise our services and products to suit your business needs. We will always recommend the most secure and reliable products we think are best for your business needs.

How do we handle scalability when your business grows.

We are constantly growing as a business ourselves and the service we provide is paramount to our own success, so as our client base grows so does our team. We know how many devices our engineers are capable of supporting and as that number grows so does our team.

What our our SLAs?(Service Level Agreements)

How to spot a fraudulent email.

Sometimes fraudulent emails do get through the spam filters so its a good idea to know how to spot them. In this video we show you what to look for.

How to enable Out of Office on your iPad or iPhone in Outlook.

With every peak holiday season we often get messages from clients or their staff members who have forgotten to put on their Out of Office on. If you have left the office without turning on your Out of Office don't worry you can do it on your Phone or Tablet. I created a short video with how to do it on the Outlook app on the iPad.

Add a Microsoft 365 account to the Outlook App.

Short video of how to add a Microsoft 365 account to your Outlook app on iPhone or iPad


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