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Let's create your Cloud for your business in Bedfordshire, London, or beyond

To create your unique Cloud IT environment, we deliver a range of world-class Cloud IT services, including Microsoft 365, Azure (formerly Windows) Virtual Desktop, and Microsoft Intune - each one created to simplify your workflows, improve IT security, modernise processes, and help your business stay current, competitive and profitable.

Create your Cloud

Microsoft 365 - Organise, create and connect from anywhere

Microsoft 365 is the Cloud platform that brings all your favourite Microsoft apps into one location. Whether it's managing your email on Outlook, or arranging a client meeting on Teams, with a Microsoft 365 subscription, you always have the freedom to organise, create, and connect from anywhere.

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The key benefits of Microsoft 365

All your business apps in one place

As a business in Bedfordshire or elsewhere, convenience and simplicity is key to productivity and prosperity. That's why with Microsoft 365, it comes loaded with all the best-in-class productivity apps your business requires, including Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams, giving you quick access when its needed and the ability to use apps in conjunction with each other.

Only pay for what you use

Now more than ever, businesses throughout Leighton Buzzard and much further afield are looking to make savings, and take control of their finances. With Microsoft 365, you only ever pay for the apps and services you use, meaning you have full control from the start. And, if you decide you need more apps or services, simply scale up accordingly.

Advanced cybersecurity

Microsoft 365 comes preloaded with enterprise-grade threat protection, with features such as Microsoft Defender for real-time protection, Windows Hello, to allow you to login with your fingerprint, face or iris, and Windows Sandbox, allowing you to create a temporary separate Cloud environment in the event of software failure or cyberattack.

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Azure (Windows) Virtual Desktop - Your desktop on any device

Azure (Windows) Virtual Desktop is part of the Microsoft 365 family of apps, that allows you to use everything you have on your desktop on most modern laptops, tablets and smartphones, anywhere you have a secure internet connection.

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Key benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Your desktop on any device

Wherever you are, whether it’s at home, at a service station on your way to visit a client connected to your Bedfordshire business, or in the middle of a building site, with Azure Virtual Desktop, you have secure access to everything you have on your desktop on any modern device, including your laptop, tablet and even your smartphone.

Intelligent security

Security is always a worry when accessing sensitive data outside of your usual IT network. That's why Azure Virtual Desktop is equipped with proactive, intelligent security that detects threats and deals with them in real time, meaning you stay compliant and protected wherever you're working.

Save money on licenses

With Azure Virtual Desktop’s scalable, multi-session experience, you can save money by using your existing eligible windows licenses. This means you can provide multiple concurrent users with access to Azure Virtual Desktop, and just like any Cloud service, you only pay for what you use.

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Microsoft Intune - Control your IT network from a single device

Compatible across the Microsoft 365 suite of apps, Microsoft Intune allows you to control all aspects of your IT network from a single device. From preventing emails being sent outside of your organisation, or choosing who has access to company data, and what they can access, (even on personal devices), Intune gives you ultimate control wherever you are.

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Key benefits of Microsoft Intune

Take control of your network

With more and more businesses in Leighton Buzzard and beyond relying on staff to use their own devices, control over how company data is used can be diminished. With Microsoft Intune however, you have control over all your organisations devices, as well as managing how company data is used on employees personal devices.

Create unique policies across IT network

To help keep your IT network running to suit the way your Bedfordshire based business operates and the way it protects its data, Intune allows you to create individual policies specific to your business and its compliance obligations. This means that whilst providing your teams with seamless access to all your productivity tools, you retain control over your network at user, location, device and apps level.

Set up an easy way for your staff to enroll

Microsoft Intune has built-in capabilities that allows you to set up easy and secure enrolment to your network for your staff, either individually or in bulk, (other applications may be necessary for some actions) freeing up yours and your IT departments time for other business related tasks.

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3 Steps to Cloud Migration

Let's make IT simple


To ensure you get the most effective Cloud solution for your business, whether it's in Leighton Buzzard or much further afield, we provide a free consultation. During the consultation, one of our Cloud specialists will go through your IT needs, including what you want your new Cloud environment to help you achieve, how you currently work, and which processes will be improved by moving to the Cloud.


Once we know your goals, we’ll create a Cloud migration strategy which will include setting you up on a Cloud platform, copying over your data, and replicating your existing files. Migration can take a while (depending on your internet speed and the amount of data), and whilst downtime is inevitable during the process, we’ll keep it to minimum, to allow you and your team to carry on as usual.


Once your Cloud environment is set up, we'll continue to provide (depending on your contract) round the clock support, ensuring the Cloud services you've chosen are fulfilling your business needs, that they're always updated, and have the relevant security patches to help protect your network from some of the worlds most dangerous cyberthreats.

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I cannot recommend these guys enough. We had Richard and his crew in to install a new server and PC's etc. for our company. The service was second to none. Richard liaised with my IT manager and worked out a plan so the preparation was done in advance meaning they came in and did the final installation and "switchover" at the weekend. The result...my crew went home as normal on Friday and returned on Monday with new computers and a new server. Fantastic. If you need expert IT services use this company.
White Dalton Solicitors
We have used JamCrackers as our IT support for the last two years and they have been amazing! I guess the sign of a great IT company is never having to call them as the systems are all working and updated as required! it’s great as a business owner knowing our IT is in great hands! Katey Horne
Your Marketing Needs
Whenever there is an issue, which is rarely, they sort it out straight away. I can’t praise the entire team enough. We have been with them for 6 years now and I would definitely recommend them. Sean Taylor
RST Engineering
Really fantastic service! Our company had been muddling along with an outdated phyisical hardrive backup system which when we actually needed it, turned out it hadnt been saving date properly for over a year. We turned to Jam Crackers to provide us with a simple, safe, ISO compliant & future-proof solution which they did very quickly and efficiently and their after-support has been invaluable and so quick. Cannot fault them.
Bray plastics
Jamcrackers team are a breath of fresh air for us and, the support you have provided to us is far superior to the service we have received in the past from several providers we have used. You have always achieved what we have asked even when we challenge you with tight timescales.
Quest Joinery


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