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Case Study

We rescued a local charity


A charity approached us for help with their cyber security. Their previous MSP had left them WITHOUT any security or backups on their devices, had sold them licences they didn’t need, and because the router for their network was only protected by the default username and password, they were also at serious risk from a cyber attack.


To help the charity we implemented the following changes -

  • Changed all of their licences, ensuring they ONLY had the licences they needed, and were NOT paying for licences they could get for free, or at heavily discounted rates from Microsoft.

  • Implemented backups for all their important data, such as Email Addresses, OneDrive and SharePoint sites.

  • Implemented an Offsite Backup for their Sage software.


The charity is now fully protected from many of the most dangerous cyber threats, they’re not paying more than they need to, and they have a competent MSP and cyber security expert to consult with should they require assistance.

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