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Case Study

Transferring a client to Microsoft Intune


The client was using an outdated system between two offices. This meant they weren’t collaborating on files, had a shockingly poor backup system, and users were only able to login to one office-based device, preventing them from hot-desking.


Transferring the client from their outdated system to Microsoft Intune, the Cloud-based Mobile Device Management Software, that gives you total control (on any device) over your IT network, including controlling how employees interact with company data, even on their personal devices.


With the client now transferred to Microsoft Intune, they have total flexibility, and are able to –

Log in on any device

The client and their employees can now log in securely to any device, knowing their desktop, documents and photos will be readily available on the device.  

Share files securely

All users can now use SharePoint to share files securely between the two offices, without the need for VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections.

Enroll onto the company portal

Staff are able to use their personal devices to enroll onto the company portal, enabling the option of remote wipe of company files.

And, for added security...

For added security, we also enrolled all users in two factor authentication, and protected their devices with Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response, including Ransomware Rollback, a restore feature that allows you to reverse damage caused by cyberattacks.

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