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Need to free up disk space on Windows 10?

12th May 2022
We all need space in our lives at times, and this includes space on our computer. In this short post, we’ll give you 3 ways to quickly free up some space in Windows 10, without having to scroll through files one by one. If you find it helpful, don’t forget to give it share, and let others free up some space.

1. Empty your recycle bin

This one seems obvious, but it is one we tend to forget, and it is the place all deleted files go to by default.

To delete individual files, simply click on the icon on your home screen, or if you’re happy to get rid of the whole lot, right click on the icon and select ‘Empty Recycle Bin’.

2. Use Windows Disk Cleanup To borrow a classic tagline, Windows Disk Cleanup ‘does what it says on the tin’. It’s a way to view and delete files in blocks.

To find Windows Disk Cleanup, simply click on the Start Button, scroll down the list on the left and select ‘Windows Administrative Tools’.

In the dropdown menu, select ‘Disk Cleanup’. From there, you’ll see a box of files to view or delete. At this point you can either check the tick box and delete or go with the safest option and view the files first.

3. Get rid of some apps

Often we have apps we don’t even use anymore, running in the background, draining our batteries and taking up loads of disk space.

To start your purge, tap the ‘Start Button’ then select ‘System > Settings > Storage > Apps & Features. Scroll down the list to find the bulkiest unused apps and get uninstalling.

As a word of warning – don’t delete anything unless you’re absolutely sure it’s not needed.

We hope you found this short article helpful, but if you'd like anymore help, contact JamCrackers on 0800 955 8041 to speak directly to one of our IT engineers.