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How Do I Set Up An Email Account In Outlook?

22nd March 2024
With a number of key productivity features, Outlook is one of the worlds most popular platforms for business email accounts. However, setting up a new account in Outlook can be daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. So, to help, as Microsoft partners, we’ve created this helpful 10 step guide on how to set up an email account in Outlook. This guide is designed for users who already have an existing Outlook account, although those using the Outlook app will follow similar steps. If you do require more help setting up an Outlook account, please get in touch on 01525 331060, and we’ll be happy to help.

1. Gather Your Account Information

Before diving into setting up your Outlook account, make sure you’ve got all the necessary details to hand, including:

  • Your email address

  • Your password

  • Incoming/outgoing mail server details

  • Your account type, such as the basic types like IMAP or POP3, or business-focussed accounts like 365 or Exchange

2. Open Outlook and Choose “File”

Select file

Launch your Outlook application and select “File” from the top left corner.

3. Select “Add Account”

Add account

In the File menu, click on “Add Account”. This initiates the setup process.

4. Enter Your Email Address

Email address

Type in your email address and hit “Connect”

5. Choose Your Account Type

Account type

Outlook will prompt you to choose your account type, which could be IMAP and POP3, or the more preferable 365 or Exchange, both of which offer synchronization across all devices, including your Folders, Contacts and Calendars. Select the preferred option.

6. Enter Server Information

Type in the incoming and outgoing server details provided by your email provider. Usually, these details include the server address and port numbers, but, if you’re using 365 or Exchange, these accounts should have Autodiscover set up as standard in the DNS records.

7. Authentication and Account Setup

Provide your email account password and follow any additional authentication steps if prompted.

8. Complete Setup and Test

Once you’ve entered all required information, click “Next” or “Connect”. Outlook will verify your settings. If everything is correctly entered, your account will be successfully set up.

9. Adjust Additional Settings (If Required)

Depending on your preferences, you might want to tweak settings like sync frequency, folder arrangement, or encryption options.

10. Start Using Outlook

Congratulations! Your new email account in Outlook is now set up ready for you to start managing your emails efficiently.

Important To Note

While this short guide gives you general guidance, the exact process for setting up an account in Outlook might vary depending on Outlook versions and email providers. If you do come across a problem, consult your email service providers support.

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