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5 Ways Microsoft 365 for Business benefits your business

30th June 2022
Your IT is all over the place. You have 10 employees. No one knows what the others are doing. Everyone’s using different platforms to do their stuff, your outdated server just can’t cope, and don’t even mention cyber security. If any of this sounds like your experience, it might be time to investigate Microsoft 365 for Business, the business tool helping organisations across the globe become more secure, more dynamic, and a lot more competitive. In this short article, we pick out 5 of the key benefits Microsoft 365 For Business brings to businesses just like yours, and if you find it helpful, we’d love it if you gave it a share to help other disorganized businesses get a grip.
  1. Microsoft 365 For Business is accessible anywhere

This is because Microsoft 365 For Business is cloud-based, which basically means, all the applications on the platform are available whether you’re in the office, in the car, onsite or at home.

And, unlike your current (possibly outdated) on-premise server, any work carried out, or files or data saved is encrypted, and can only be shared with others with yours or other team members permission.

  1. Microsoft 365 for Business makes collaboration so much easier

Microsoft 365 for Business was designed for communication and collaboration. Think of it as your ‘contained, online office space’, where everyone’s interconnected, and if they need to collaborate, they can do it easily and securely.

And, this ‘secure’ interconnection doesn’t have to just be confined to staff. With Microsoft 365 For Business, you can open up collaboration with people outside your organisation, whilst still keeping company data totally secure.

  1. Microsoft 365 for Business is always up to date

Once you’ve signed up to a subscription for Microsoft 365 for Business, all updates and new versions vital to your business and the way it functions, are provided automatically, without any extra charge.

This means that as well as having a business that is always benefitting from the latest applications and IT security, you also have more control of your IT budget, as you know exactly how much you need to pay each month.

  1. Microsoft 365 for Business is flexible and scalable

Your business is constantly evolving, moving forward, trying new things, so, it stands to reason that your IT has to do the same. And yes, you’ve guessed, Microsoft 365 for Business allows your business the freedom to grow however it needs.

Scale up whenever you need. Add a new application, another level of cyber security, buy new licenses, when you need them, and tailor each of those licenses to the specific needs of individual employees.

  1. Microsoft 365 for Business has inbuilt cyber security

When you sign up to Microsoft 365 for Business, you get Microsoft 365 Defender, an automated, cross domain threat protection, with built-in AI, Which simply put means:

  • Attacks are intercepted before they happen
  • Threats are automatically detected across all your domains
  • Your data is constantly monitored for possible threats

Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Microsoft 365 for Business or any other Microsoft product, contact JamCrackers today. We’re an official Microsoft Partner, and have been providing and managing Microsoft products for businesses across a wide variety of industries and sectors for over 10 years.