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5 Reasons Businesses Are Outsourcing Their IT

28th July 2022
If you run a business that currently relies on inhouse IT support, you might be perfectly happy with the solution, and have absolutely no plans at all to change it by outsourcing to a managed IT support company. But, in the modern world of business, outsourcing IT services is fast becoming the norm, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic, the current economic crisis, and the shocking rise in the cost of living. To delve deeper, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the top reasons all types of businesses big and small in the UK and across the world, are now turning to Managed IT Support firms to outsource their IT.
  1. Managed IT Support cuts costs

Cost-cutting is the key reason businesses of all sizes are making the switch from inhouse IT support to managed IT services. And it’s not only about the overall lower cost, it also about gaining more control over your budget.

With a managed IT support plan in place, you only pay a contractually agreed monthly fee for the services you need and use. With an inhouse option, you pay for a whole load of IT services you may never require, whilst also facing the other associated expenses of hiring someone fulltime.

  1. Managed IT Support provides access to the right experts

Training costs money, so when you have a new piece of tech and you’re relying on inhouse IT support, not only are you paying the initial cost for the tech, you’re also likely to incur the costs of training your IT team.

With a managed IT support plan however, you always have a team of experts with the right expertise for your specific piece of tech, without having to worry about paying for the extra team training days.

  1. Managed IT Support provides 24/7 support

Depending on your agreed contract, with a managed IT support plan in place you could have 24/7 support, meaning that as well as constant monitoring, you also have the option to speak to a human at any time, should an issue arise.

This ongoing support is vital with todays round-the-clock work patterns, and it’s also the way that modern businesses are slashing unplanned downtime, and the unexpected and unbudgeted costs associated with it.

  1. Managed IT Support provides a consistent service

Your inhouse IT support team need and are entitled to a break from time to time, but sadly, when they decide to go on holiday, you’re left to cover the cost, whether that means hiring a temp, or dropping a vital service.

With a good managed IT support plan set up, you’ll never have to worry about losing support due to a summer break, as your chosen MSP (managed service provider) will ensure a consistent service all year round.

  1. Managed IT Support provides proactive monitoring

Your IT network is critical to your business and will require constant monitoring to ensure it performs as it should for all your business processes, and that it’s protected from the real and ongoing threat of cybercrime.

By hiring a reputable MSP, you’ll receive constant proactive monitoring, meaning all your software will be updated or upgraded as and when it’s required, and your cyber security will always be protecting your business, with any threats dealt with before they become a more serious problem.

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