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5 Internet Firsts

26th May 2022
Did you ever wonder what the first YouTube video was or who sent the first email or what the first ever website was? Well, now you can stop wondering, because we’ve put together 5 internet firsts for you to marvel at and share with your friends – note the little hint of sarcasm, but we would love it if you did share it.

1. The first EVER website

It wasn’t the greatest of websites. There weren’t any flash graphics or floating icons. It was an extremely simple site set up in 1991 to give visitors information about the worldwide web. And, luckily for you, here’s the link http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html – enjoy!

2. The first domain name

It wasn’t as catchy as it could’ve been, but as domain names go, the first domain name, Symbolics.com wasn’t a bad start.

symbolics.com, according to the present site it’s attached to, is ‘the world’s first and oldest, registered .com on the internet’ and was registered by a Massachusetts computer company called Symbolics Inc. on March 15th 1985.

Since then, the domain name has been sold, and the new owner has used it for an online museum dedicated to the history of the internet.

3. The first EVER YouTube video

Forget ‘This is one small step…’ or ‘I have a dream…’, ‘They have really, really long trunks’ are the words future generation will remember as it was part of the first ever YouTube video to be uploaded.

It was uploaded by one of YouTube’s founders Jawed Karim under the username ‘jawed’ on April 23 2005 at 20:27:12. And, as if by magic, you can watch it by following the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNQXAC9IVRw

4. The first Skype sentence

'Tere, kas sa kuuled mind?' was the first ever sentence spoken on Skype, way back in April 2003. The clever ones out there will notice the sentence wasn’t in English. It was actually spoken in Estonian and means ‘Hello, can you hear me?’.

5. The first email

‘It was probably qwertyuiop’ said the man who sent it in 1971. His name was Ray Tomlinson and he sent it purely as a test message, way before any of us regular people even knew email existed.

We hope you enjoyed this short article, and if you did, don't keep it to yourself; let others share in the joy.

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