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5 Good Reasons To Choose Bespoke Software

15th November 2022
First things first – what is bespoke software? Bespoke or custom software, is pretty much what the name suggests, software developed around the individuals needs, rather than off-the-shelf software developed for general use. But… Are there benefits to having bespoke software, and if there are, are they worth spending a little extra? In this short article, we pick out 5 good reasons to choose bespoke software over off-the-shelf software, for your business IT network. We hope you enjoy it, and if you know someone else the article might benefit, we’d love it if you gave it share!!

1. Bespoke software is flexible

With a bespoke software setup, your bespoke software development partner is able to adapt your software as your business evolves. In other words, your bespoke software grows as you do, providing the flexibility your business needs to remain competitive and comfortable expand into new areas.

2. With bespoke software support is personalised

With off-the-shelf software, your business is relying on an impersonal, and often a huge corporation, providing support in a way that’s dictated by the mass market. With bespoke software, your provider will understand your needs in detail and provide support in a way that’s conducive to the specific needs of your business.

3. Bespoke software is more secure

In general, cyber attackers target mass market software, so that they hit more users in one go. With your bespoke software setup an attack would have to be far more targeted, plus, you have the option of creating a specific cyber security strategy around each element of your IT network, and your processes.

4. Bespoke software can save you money

Typically, when you buy off-the-shelf software, you’re often paying for services you don’t need. Your bespoke software solution however, will be designed around your exact business needs, without any added extras unnecessarily draining funds from the IT budget.

5. Bespoke software saves you time

Searching for the right off-the-shelf software isn’t easy, and it takes time, not only in finding the right solution, but also learning about its features etc. With bespoke software, you’ll have an expert team guiding you in choosing the right software, and ensuring you and your team aren’t wasting time trying to work out which features are beneficial and which are redundant.

In conclusion

Bespoke software really is worth the investment, especially for businesses that want to streamline their IT network and keep control of costs.

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